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February 28 - Library of Congress - A look at the illustration work of engraver / artist J.G. Posada who worked at the the turn of the last century who specialized in lurid, sentimental and comic images for the popular press. | Link to story on our new site.

And a look at some of the letterpress books of Ken Campbell from the LoC collection. Holy cow. | Link to story on our new site.

December 7 - Corcoran Print and Book Forum held at the Corcoran College of Art + Design and co-sponsored by the Chesapeake Chapter.. | story & photos

November 17 - Chesapeake Chapter attends and participates in a panel discussion of "The Art of Papermaking in Italy & the U.S." at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, sponsored by the Italian Cultural Institute in Washington in collaboration with the Corcoran College of Art + Design. | story & photos

The American Printing History Association encourages the study of printing history and its related arts and skills, including letterpress printing, calligraphy, typefounding, typography, papermaking, bookbinding, illustration, and publishing. APHA is especially, but by no means exclusively, interested in American printing history.

The national organization of the American Printing History Association lists approximately 720 members, 61 of whom are also members of the Chesapeake Chapter. Many members of the Chesapeake Chapter are active letterpress printers.

The Chesapeake Chapter of the American Printing History Association is centered in the Washington, DC area. The adjacent map shows a 100 mile radius.

We invite anyone with an interest to join with us to maintain and promote the craft of letterpress, book binding, book collecting, scholarship and other issues relating to printing history.

New Chapter officers through December 2014 are

Val Lucas, President (bio | email)
Casey Smith, Vice President (bio | email)
Jim Wilder , Treasurer (bio | email)
George Barnum, Secretary (bio | email).

Peter Koch talking with Ray Nichols, Chris Sweterlitsch

and Chris Manson at the Corcoran's Print & Book Forum.

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